CasePro has top-notch training – all provided virtually – so you do not have to leave your office or home office. Learning how to use CasePro has never been easier. We can use either Google MEET or ZOOM to conduct the training. The best part? When you’re ready, we can coach you through the system and routines, just like having a co-pilot at the ready.

Training sessions are set up in three sections:

Getting Started

60 minutes

The first training module provides a broad overview of how the system works overall. The CasePro Crew also helps you login, get acquainted with the Admin Portal and much more.

Case Submission and Routing

90 minutes

The second module, Case Submission and Routing, will cover the basics of how complaints are submitted via your association’s website and what to do when you receive them. We also cover how the workflow solution works, including:

  • Case Detail
  • Grievance Committee
  • Managing Responses
  • Hearings: how to schedule, conduct and record
  • Appeals
  • Ratification
  • Sanctions

Panel Management, Documents, Email and Reporting

60-90 minutes

The third training module provides an overview of Panel Management, Documents and Reporting.

Panel Management

  • Managing the professional standards committee (PSC) volunteers

  • Manually updating panels

  • Tracking RSVP’s for meetings and hearings

  • Sending meeting invitations, reminders

  • Creating panels


It is so easy managing NAR form documents in CasePro. Admins have the ability to modify/edit form documents, upload them through the Document Admin tool and then generate forms easily with the click of a button.


CasePro can send outbound emails to the named Complainant and Respondent. There are 12 subject line options that provide pre-formatted email text. The message can be easily customized and the best part? CasePro tracks when the emails have been opened and any links have been clicked.


Looking for an easy way to know exactly how many Article 1 violations have been filed? With CasePro it’s a snap. Learn how to pull the PS Activity report, download and modify as needed.