Q: Does CasePro support the REALTOR® Ombudsman program?

A: Yes, CasePro has a Request for Ombudsman submission form and the Admin Portal has specific features to track the status of any ombudsman request.

Texas REALTORS® Ombudsman

Q: Does CasePro handle Arbitration Requests?

A: Yes, there is separate Request for Arbitration form and the Admin Portal has a separate workflow that is specific for Arbitration requests.

Oklahoma REALTORS® Arbitration

Q: Our association has a modified process for case administration. Can CasePro be customized?

A: No. CasePro is an out of the box solution that was designed based on the specific rules defined in National Association of REALTORS® Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

Q: How does CasePro handle the delivery of case documents?

A: CasePro’s native email platform sends a time-validated link via email which can only be sent to the case principals (complainants, respondents and their respective brokers). The link provides access to CasePro’s document repository for that specific case. Committee and Hearing panel members will also receive emails with unique time-validated links.

For more information, view document management.

Q: Delivery verification is required by NAR’s guidelines. Does CasePro provide that?

A: Yes, CasePro provides delivery verification because the system tracks when the emails are sent, opened and when the links are clicked.

For more information, view delivery verification.

Q: How does CasePro help mitigate risk for our association?

A: CasePro in the only solution designed specifically for REALTOR® associations based on the National Association of REALTORS® Ethics and Arbitration Manual. The workflow was developed based on the business rules required for due process. CasePro tracks every single decision, action and provides date specific alerts so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Q: Does CasePro charge for each user?

A: No, CasePro’s pricing model is for the application licensing and services fee, which is renewed on an annual basis. Your association can provide access to as many staff as needed at no additional cost. Training is also provided.

CasePro Pricing Info

Q: Are the modules priced separately?

A: Except for the CasePro Submission module, CasePro is sold as a single solution. The CasePro module system supports the entire process of Professional Standards case administration from the very beginning, when a complaint is submitted, all the way through to resolution. This includes case administration through the portal, panel management and reporting. See our product comparison for what’s included.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Call us at 847-563-8101 or email! Our CasePro Crew is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CT. We’d love to learn more about your pro standards situation and how we can help.