CasePro Features

Professional Standards Administration for the 21st Century.

CasePro has simplified Professional Standards administration for local and state REALTOR® associations. The only purpose-built solution with four modules includes: complaint and request submissions, the admin portal, Professional Standards Committee volunteer scheduling through Panel Management and lastly, Reporting.



Complainants can now submit their Ethics Complaint, Arbitration and Ombudsman Requests 100% online using the submission forms. Learn how easy it is to integrate CasePro submission forms with your association’s website.

Admin Portal

The admin portal is the heart and soul of CasePro. A powerful digital version of your filing cabinet, all in one place online. The only Professional Standards administration program developed specifically for REALTOR® Associations based on National Association of REALTORS® Ethics and Arbitration Manual. See how CasePro’s business rules simplify case administration.

Panel Management

Whether you have 20, 45 or 200 Professional Standards Committee members, CasePro can handle the load. Manage the process with ease, streamline how member volunteers participate in PSC, Grievance Committee, Hearings and all other types of panels. Find out how CasePro tracks RSVPs and document delivery.

Summary Reporting

Turn data into insights with CasePro Reporting. Do you want to track case data in minutes not hours? CasePro’s on-demand Reporting includes a detailed version similar to the E-17 Activity Report and provides an Excel spreadsheet so you can modify as needed. See how CasePro simplifies Reporting.