Since 2014, we’ve worked with REALTOR® associations of all sizes to improve their Professional Standards processes. This has resulted in increasing efficiency, saving time and demonstrating better accountability. CasePro™ is building trust between REALTORS® and communities and consumers they serve.


Xochitl Rieche

Professional Standards Manager

Miami Association of REALTORS®

“As Professional Standards Manager for 33 years at the MIAMI Association of REALTORS®, I was a bit skeptical about converting to a digital application. It was a smooth transition, and in no time, I began to I Love CasePro™! It is an Amazing Tool, it handles the process from complaint submission to closed status. I especially appreciate that everything is in one place. It is a great collaboration application. CasePro™ makes my job so much easier and smoother.

I’m happy to announce that MIAMI REALTORS® Professional Standards Department has gone 100% Green…It’s good for the environment! There are no more paper case files and folders, it saves postage and duplication of paper work and storage space as everything is online. I’m able to be more efficient. I have been freed from time-consuming tasks such as manually completing forms, tracking cases in an Excel spreadsheet, copying, scanning, compiling, and mailing.

Best of all, CasePro™ has eliminated worrying about missing critical deadlines: it auto-calculates due dates and lists cases on the CasePro™ HOME Page when an action is required. It is an excellent risk mitigation tool by reducing the possibility that something may be missed. I recommend CasePro™ to every REALTOR® Association. It is the best way to manage the Professional Standards Administration Process.”

It has been over a year since Texas REALTORS® went live with CasePro™, our professional standards case management system. We made this transition to modernize the technology, obtain more accurate reporting and allow for complaints to be filed online.

CasePro™ has allowed for our Professional Standards Department to reduce the time for processing a complaint from start to completion from 6-10 months to 3-4 months for our 73 local associations. Thank you CasePro™!

Kinski Moss

Director of Board Services


Melanie Reynolds

Professional Standards Coordinator


“For the state of Texas, I don’t know where we would be without CasePro™.

We would be unable to maintain our Professional Standards processing pace of nearly 400 Ethics, Arbitration, Ombudsman and Mediation Requests if we were doing it the old way. Despite our heavy caseload and working remotely, we have not missed a beat and it is because of CasePro™.”

“I spent a lot of time in the beginning working with Agency McKenna’s CasePro™ team. The Training upfront was thorough and very important to learning CasePro™. Their Customer Service is wonderful.

The CasePro™ team is very responsive and have walked me through the process at each step of the way.”

Linda Derrick

Professional Standards Manager

Pinellas REALTOR® Organization

Jeff Arakelian, AHWD, RCE

Chief Executive Officer

REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee

“I am the CEO of RASM and a genuine CasePro™ advocate. I believe leveraging a digital solution, which is an easily accessible and collaborative application is vital to delivering excellence in Professional Standards (PS) administration.

Shortly after joining RASM, the long-time PS administrator resigned. I temporarily assumed the role. I experienced the frustration of trying to locate and unravel case files: paper documents, digital files, excel spreadsheets, emails, post-it notes and Outlook reminders to keep the administration process moving forward. It was a challenging undertaking, while managing my responsibilities as CEO.

As a result of this experience, I was determined to avoid future risk by changing the process and eliminating the warehousing of institutional knowledge to a single individual or computer.

CasePro™ was RASM’s answer. The program has been championed by RASM’s leadership, members and staff.”

My Professional Standards and Grievance Committee members have embraced the easy and efficient RSVP system for requesting and scheduling Grievance Committee meetings and Professional Standards Hearings. Using this system has saved me hours in checking member availability, scheduling hearing dates and sending case documents.

Converting to the CasePro™ application has increased my efficiency and ability to successfully administer Professional Standards for Canopy REALTORS®.

Michelle McCaskill

Vice President, Risk Management

Canopy REALTOR® Association

Bailey Morse, JD

General Counsel

New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®

CasePro™ has allowed our association to better serve our REALTOR® members and members of the public by simplifying the administration and resolution of Professional Standards cases.

We have received good news from panelists who have used CasePro’s™ personalized link to access case documents. They like that cases files are all in a single location.

“Agency McKenna has technologically redefined the processing of Professional Standards cases. By taking the time to truly learn and understand what Professional Standards admins do, they have created an amazing organizational tool to seamlessly process cases start to finish. All while providing top notch training and customer support.”

Cassidy Miller

Administrative Assistant to the CEO

REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee

Ken Hanson, MPR, C2EX

Vice Chair of Grievance Committee

REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee

“As Vice Chair of RASM’s Grievance Committee, I want to say thank you for CasePro™.

CasePro™ gives us the documents that have been submitted by the complainant using a secure login in one location so we don’t need to scroll through emails to find them. It also gives us complete documentation since it won’t progress to the next level without having certain standards met. This saves our staff and committee time.

As the process continues, everything remains in one place for the next committee to review. No need to copy and paste and compile for the next group. It’s all in one place. Thank you CasePro™ for thinking like we do. Access with security and the ability to proceed without interruption. You’ve done a great job.”

“CasePro™ is very easy to use, organized and efficient. I really like how CasePro’s™ panel generator randomly selects members. I quickly edit the panel and then send out the GC and Hearing availability ‘Requests’ directly from CasePro™.

This step is completed in under 5 minutes. I love it!”

Allison Rabon

Membership Compliance Director

Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®

Missy Whittington, RCE

Chief Executive Officer

New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®

“One feature that is so nice is the ease of submitting a complaint online. CasePro™ leads complainants through a step-by-step process. The tip tools provide immediate answers to most questions. The complaint form is easily understood and completed in a few short minutes.”

Some of CasePro’s Clients

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