Complaint Submission

Filing a complaint is never easy – especially when something as personal as a home is concerned. With CASEPRO, the compliant submission is made easier and less cumbersome through technology.

A simple online form will capture all of the pertinent information and will provide a 1-time touch point for those filing a complaint.

For Professional Standards administrators and managers, this digital system relieves the heavy burden caused by paper-based processes. In addition to supplying all supporting documents electronically, all case information including Complainant, Respondent and Alleged Violations are now instantly available for staff review and will be tracked though the CasePro dashboard.

Complaint Submission Features Include:

  • Online process that supports both Grievance Complaints and Request for Arbitration claims
  • One process to submit all complaint related information including: Complainant, Respondent, allegation with supporting narrative, a way to upload all supporting documentation including contracts and other relevant information
  • CasePro can handle up to 3 Complainants and 3 Respondents
  • Capture answers to mandatory questions such as is this complaint involved in any other litigation
  • Provides digital/electronic signature

Once the Complainant has filled out each step of the online submission process, they can submit the claim directly to the association.