A Better Way to Manage Pro Standards

In 2014, we had a conversation with the general counsel who oversaw Professional Standards for a large local board. After overseeing Professional Standards management and a team of staff attorneys, she asked, “Isn’t there a better way to manage the administration of Professional Standards?”

And from that question CasePro was born. It has grown over the years to a robust application that is the only solution specifically designed and developed based on the National Association of REALTORS® Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

We believe in NAR’s Code of Ethics and what that means to REALTORS® and the public. The Code of Ethics is what differentiates a real estate agent from a REALTOR® and it signals professionalism, best practices and ethical behavior to the public. The self-policing REALTOR® associations provide is foundational to the very mission of NAR. We’re proud to support this.

The road has not been without a few bumps but today CasePro provides a single solution so Professional Standards administrators can:

Manage communication with Complainant and Respondents

Collaborate with colleagues on cases, in real time

Keep on track with deadlines and specific timing based on NAR’s guidelines

Use workflow automation and the built in rules system to move cases easily from one status to the next

Send all outbound email via CaseProTM and provide recipients a time-validated link to access files

Manage, organize and communicate with professional standards committee volunteers

Create reports with the click of a button

Mitigate risk for the association – especially in terms of binding Arbitration